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Who We Are

Hello there! Pleasure to meet you and thank you for checking out our website. We're Dave and Matt, two brothers from Canada with big appetites but are dedicated to living a healthy and fast-paced lifestyle. Hard to do when lactose, gluten and oats don’t always agree with you.
One day we found ourselves experimenting over low-inflammatory recipes in the kitchen and a lightbulb went off. What if we made something that would never be confused for a bland, healthy food substitute. Knowing that life doesn't always allow us to spend all day making high quality foods, we knew our product had to be something compact that provided a ton of nutrients and fuel. Something that would keep you full and satisfied while still tasting good. 

Many iterations later we came up with our first Peak Performance Bar, the original Chocolate Peanut. Soon after, its counterpart Maple Walnut joined the chat. 

We are constantly looking to improve and create new, interesting ideas so keep coming back to see what we have in store for you!