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Our Flavours

Rich & classic chocolate, peanut packed and a delicate honey finish. Our original Peak Performance Bar satisfies all the craving with none of the guilt.

Chocolate Peanut

Warm cinnamon, maple syrup, crunchy walnuts & white chocolate. You'll never want to eat a candy bar again.

Maple Walnut

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

eXert Nutrition bars are delicious, easy to digest, and keep me full and satisfied without feeling too heavy or bloated. 

As a busy professional, on days where I’m swamped at work and on the go, they are a lifesaver in giving me a balanced snack that keeps me full for hours.  As a competitive CrossFit athlete, they were essential while I competed at the CrossFit Games. 

Nicole C, 37, CrossFit Games Masters Athelete, Lawyer

In order to feel fueled up and prepared for training or games, I depend on getting the right protein and carbs into my body. eXert Bars are exactly that.

Before every match, home or away, I eat an eXert Bar because I know exactly what I’ll get out of it. The simple, but effective ingredients allow me to feel energized and prepared for the stress I’m about to put my body under.

It is easily my go-to snack, packed with protein so I know it’s also ensuring I get the right recovery into my system for the next match around the corner. Absolute 10/10 and will continue to use in my game day regiment.

Liam Fraser, Midfielder - Canada National Team, KMSK Deinze

eXert bars have been a great way to stay nourished on the go. Quick and easy to bring along and they taste fantastic. Great for the golf course or after a workout. I would highly recommend the Maple Walnut bars!

Mark F, 29, Teacher

A limited ingredient bar that you can trust, eXert keeps me going even with my busy schedule. They're absolutely delicious and I enjoy every bite. Leave them in the fridge for a cool treat with your morning coffee.

Stefan R, 32, Chef

For me, eXert bars are the real deal. When I'm looking for a little pick-me-up or a pre-workout snack, I reach for an eXert bar. I don't trust any other brand with over-complicated ingredients and chemicals. With eXert bars, I know exactly what I'm putting in my body and I know what I am going to get out of it.

Tyler S, 31, Retired Pro Hockey Player

eXert's quality is phenomenal from the very first bite. I never leave home without throwing a few bars in the car. The only thing better than the bars is the team behind them!

Miguel B, 31, Filmmaker

eXert has taken 4 strokes off my golf game. Having an eXert bar halfway through keeps me energized and focused.

Cam W, 31, Amateur Golfer

Achieve Your Peak Perfomance

All the guilty flavour of a candy bar without any of the guilt