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Why should I eat your product over a candy bar or protein bar?

We strive to make good quality products that don't sacrifice the experience. Our products are made from all-natural sources and are Non-GMO so you won't feel any of the crashing effects you would get from a candy bar. Our products are also anti-inflammatory so you can continue to feel good throughout your day. It has been our experience that certain sources of protein found in protein bars can cause unwanted effects (ie. digestive issues or inflammation) so we only use high quality ingredients such as egg whites and nuts as a source of protein. 

Are your products vegetarian?

Yes! We are Lacto-Ovo vegetarian as we use egg whites as a source of protein and a small amount of dairy that is found in the chocolate coating. 

When is the best time to eat your product?

We believe our bars are suitable for all occasions. However, if you are looking for a boost before a workout, snack on an eXert bar 5-10 minutes ahead of your start time.  It will provide you with easy-to-digest carbohydrates that will energize you without weighing you down. Also recommended post-workout for a quick hit of protein to aid in recovery and muscle growth. 

What if I don't work out? 

No problem! Our products provide a high satiety level, so you won't need to over-indulge to feel satisfied. So if you're an on-the-go person who finds yourself not being able to find the time to cook every meal, then our bars are perfect for you. 

I'm not overly concerned with my diet, I just enjoy eating what makes me happy. 

We love that. Getting enjoyment throughout your day is paramount to overall well-being. That's why we made our bars taste like your favourite treats (and we don't have to tell anyone that they're healthy for you either!). 

More about the Peak Performance bars.

Proudly made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.  

We recommend storing in a cool, dry place and to keep the bars out of direct sunlight. 

Our bars are made with natural products that may contain hard pieces. Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk and soy.